With so many predators, thieves, and other offenders being uncovered in the news, it has become increasingly worrisome to leave our kids at home. The moment we leave the driveway, our imaginations often kick to overdrive as we think about all the ways that can go wrong with leaving our kids without supervision. And no matter how short your trip to the grocery store may be, different scenarios will likely play out in your head–each one worse than the last.

So what can you do when you can’t find a trusted adult to accompany your kids at home and keep them safe? The answer may just be as simple as upgrading your locks. Who knows–this simple upgrade might just be what you need for your peace of mind and for your kids’ safety.

What then are your options when it comes to increasing the security of your home by upgrading your locks? We’ve rounded up the best general security upgrade options that you can do.

Anti-snap Locks

Lock snapping is a technique employed by burglars to enter your home. This often involves the use of a particular lock cylinder that they use to expose the locking mechanism of your door. With your locking mechanisms exposed, it becomes easy to tamper with the appliance using regular household tools.

The perfect way to reduce the likeliness of your locks being snapped? This is where anti-snap locks come in. They prevent the possibility of your locks being snapped, thus keeping your home secure.

Mortise Deadlocks

Similar to deadbolts, mortise deadlocks are used to add another layer of protection to your home too. Mortise deadlocks require a key from both the in and outside of the house.

In the worst case when someone has managed to pry your doors open, they will still need to go through this lock mechanism, giving your kids enough time to call for assistance.

Deadbolts and Door Chains

We all know what these are and what they can do–they provide an extra layer of protection that can only be unlocked from the inside.

So the question now is whether or not your home equipped with these. The answer is likely yes, so the even better question is if you have explored newer technology options when it comes to deadbolts and door chains.

Some brands that may give you and your family more security include Kwikset, Schlage, and Gatehouse.

High-Tech Locks

Technology has reached every nook and cranny that make up the human experience–even in the mechanism of locks. With more and more options for smart locks, we are now one step closer to achieving a well-automated home. But what exactly are the benefits of installing smart locks? We have outlined some of the ways that these high-tech locks can improve your life and your family’s security.

  • You no longer need to fish around for your keys.

Imagine this–it’s late out and you just had an alarming call from your kids. You rush back home only to realize that your car keys are at the bottom of your bag. Pretty inconvenient, right? Well with smart locks, you no longer have to worry about this scene ever happening to you. All you need for this is functioning wifi, and you’re all set.

It can even alert you whenever you forgot to lock the door. Even better, it tells you whenever your door gets unlocked when you’re not at home.

  • It makes quite the impression.

The sleekness that comes wit smart locks is not lost to us too. Sometimes, they can look just like your regular lock. For some, there might be an added hardware that makes it seem more modern and stylish. Either way, it still makes for a good conversation piece the next time you have company over.

  • You get to have the option to keep your keys.

For most smart lock options, you can still use your good ol’ keys. This is thanks to retrofit models that simply add a layer of security to your door without needing to completely overhaul your lock system.

  • You can keep your kids safe even when they are home alone.

What’s great about smart locks is that it can help you keep tabs on who comes in and out of your house even while you are away. In your case, ideally, your kids should not be out on their own. And you can make sure of this by keeping an app for surveillance at your house. You can add passwords, put up a PIN, and even enlist the help of voice assistants to make you feel more secure. With smart locks, you can rest easy in knowing that your kids are guarded by a fully-functioning lock mechanism.

Locks are often an overlooked mechanism for safety. Without a proper one in place, it might be taken as an invitation for offenders to pay a visit to your house when they know that there won’t be any adult supervision. It will be wise for you then to invest in upgrades to your lock. Sure, some upgrades may be more costly than others, but who’s to put a price on the safety of your family?

What are the next steps that you can take to ensure the safety of your family and home?

Here at Professional Locksmith and Security System LLC, we understand the importance of locks in your daily quest for security. Operating in Brickell, FL, we strive to keep the community safe. With the right locking mechanism in place, we’ll be able to ensure the safety of our loved ones and belongings. This is why we have employed only the best locksmiths and the latest technology to make sure that you get the most out of working with us in securing your home. We put a premium in security and peace of mind–and we make the proper investments to ensure it. If you follow the same principle and would like to keep your family safe and secured always, then feel free to give us a call at (305) 402-4778.

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